Do I need to contact you before I come to class?

No you don't necessarily need to contact me, or to pre-book. I recommend that you arrive at your first class TEN MINUTES EARLY – to allow time for you to complete a brief medical questionnaire, and to chat to the teacher about any issues arising from it, and for you to ask any questions you may have.

Do I need to bring anything?

No – all equipment (mats, weights etc) are all provided. You should bring a bottle of water, and wear trainers to any classes which involve any aerobic work.

I haven't exercised for years and am very unfit – does it matter?

I get asked this a lot. Please be reassured that all the teachers at JCW Fitness are highly skilled at working with people in class who are at different levels – you will always be offered an easier way of doing things at first – every class offers different levels so that you can work at your own pace. Start slowly, pace yourself, tell your teacher how you feel so that he/she can monitor and encourage you, and build up your fitness in your own time. You will get there I promise!

Can I mix and match the classes I attend?

The answer is YES – you can simply turn up when it suits you. his gives you maximum FLEXIBILITY so that you can juggle your home life, work, children etc and your exercise programme from day to day and week to week to suit you!

Why do I have to commit to at least four classes per month?

The answer to this is simple – it's because if you do any less it just won't work, and by "work" I mean give you RESULTS. If you average less than one class per week, you will NOT reach your goal, whatever that goal is, from weight loss, to improved muscle tone and posture, to stamina, to easing back pain, reducing stress, and so on. An average of one class per week really is the minimum commitment you need in order to guarantee changes and results – I'm sure you will agree with me if you think about this!

Having said this, I don't insist that you attend once per week on Bronze, or twice per week on Silver or you lose your classes, instead you can use your class allocation as you like throughout the month – so for example, if you miss a week you can do double the next week. This is because I do understand that you have got lots of demands and pressures in your life and on your time, and I try to offer as much flexibility for you as I can. However within this we need to keep sight of our goals, and how we will get there, and the minimum commitment will help you to do this.

Can I change my subscription from month to month?

Absolutely YES. If you have an important event coming up such as a holiday or a birthday party and you want to look and feel GREAT then you can upgrade for a month. Similarly, if you're busy or going on holiday, you can downgrade for a month. Please note all the subscriptions work on a CALENDAR MONTH basis.


How do I change my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription any month you like at no extra cost. All you need to do is amend your payment before it is made. For full info on changing your subscription, visit this page:

A final word...

All of the teachers at JCW Fitness are committed to helping you succeed and reach your goals, and we are always available before and after classes to chat to you and offer advice. We are full fully qualified and insured fitness professionals who have been in the industry for many years – we know what works and how to get the best out of you. All you have to do is attend, we will do the rest! We look forward to meeting you very soon and starting the journey to a fitter, slimmer, healthier and more energetic NEW YOU!