Pilates on the ball

Pilates exercises on the large stability ball which really targets the tummy muscles - you can not fail to flatten the tummy in this class. There is also lots of work on back strength and posture, as well as muscle tone in the legs and bum too. It offers the perfect mix of intensity for results and relaxation to de-stress and unwind.


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Jane Wrafter

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deborahI really enjoy the variety of classes on Jane's timetable and naturally favour more aerobic/toning sessions. Working from home, I feel I need to justify taking time away from my desk to attend an exercise class, so it has to feel like it's making a difference. The Friday ball class is definitely one of those. The atmosphere is deceptively calm and relaxing, but the class really targets the stomach muscles and requires a lot of effort and concentration. I can really feel the effort afterwards.


I've been going to your pilates classes for over .6 years now and feel that my core strength and posture is so much better! You are a fantastic teacher and consequently exercises I was doing wrong for years I now know how to do correctly. You are prepared to take time explaining things and also are not afraid of repeating yourself which, for someone like me who takes time remembering how to do something, is a big plus.


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