Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga, taught by Rachel Spain, is a dynamic flow of postures with synchronised breathing, to generate internal heat and blood flow. It is relaxing and energising, toning and strengthening. Ideal for anyone who wants to improve flexibility, posture and all over body strength, banishing stress.


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Rachel Spain/Lisa Dunn


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clare_rhodesI haven't done yoga for about 20 years, but I felt amazing afterwards and about 6 inches taller.





carolineUp until I reached 50 I hated all forms of exercise, however when increasingly regular back spasm meant time off work and curtailment of my favorite pastime gardening, I decided to take action. Practicing Pilates initially and then Yoga, has not only made me strong, fit & firm, it has given me confidence and taught me perseverance. No matter how lethargic I feel one class and my energy & optimism bounce back.


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