Inspired by Latin Dance, the word 'Zumba' means to move fast and have fun, which is exactly what happens in Zumba! With upbeat Latin/Spanish music (and a bit of pop too) Zumba is aerobic dancing which is great fun and very easy to follow. It's great for fat burning and total body toning. Come and party your way to fitness and fun!


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Peter Baldock


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justineI absolutely love zumba! I haven't exercised for years, but I love the way you get a great workout and have fun at the same time! It's amazing for the tummy too and you get such a great workout.


fenellePreviously I had been unhappy with my body – I was feeling fat and out of shape, but now I feel great. I'm so confident and happy now, and thanks to lovely Peter I have lost over a stone and a half!



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